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The max_order_age parameter allows you to set a specific duration when resetting your order’s age. It refreshes your orders and automatically creates an order based on the spread and movement of the market. An amount in seconds, which is the duration for the placed limit orders. The market-maker can post competitive bid and ask prices that improves on the current market price in order to manage the inventory. This will set “boundaries” to the calculated optimal spread, so hummingbot will never create your orders with a spread smaller than the minimum nor bigger than the maximum.

Our community is full of market makers and arbitrageurs who are willing to help each other make the best use of Hummingbot. You can join our Discord channel to talk about the hummingbot, strategies, liquidity mining, and anything else related to the cryptocurrency world and receive direct support from our team. Note that this is how much % of the total inventory value you want to have allocated on the base asset. For example, if you are trading BTC-USD but want to focus on keeping your inventory 100% on BTC, you set this value to 100. The avellaneda & stoikov model was created to be used on traditional financial markets, where trading sessions have a start and an end.

Adam: A method for stochastic optimization

We aim to teach new users the basics of market-making while enabling experienced users to exercise more control over how their bots behave. By default, when you run create, we ask you to enter the basic parameters needed for a market-making bot. When placing orders, if the order’s size determined by the order price and quantity is below the exchange’s minimum order size, then the orders will not be created. In Section 2, we introduce some basic concepts and describe the input LOB datasets.

It is inversely proportional to the asymmetry between the bid and ask order amount. Cricket teams are ranked to indicate their supremacy over their counter peers in order to get precedence. Various authors have proposed different statistical techniques in cricketing works to evaluate teams.

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We have designed a market making agent that relies on the Avellaneda-Stoikov procedure to minimize inventory risk. The agent learns to adapt its risk aversion and skew its bid and ask prices under varying market behaviour through reinforcement learning using two variants (Alpha-AS-1 and Alpha-AS-2) of a double DQN architecture. Due to the non-linearity and volatility of stock prices and the unique nature of financial transactions, it is essential for the prediction method to ensure high prediction performance and interpretability. However, existing methods fail to achieve both the two goals simultaneously. To fill this gap, this paper presents an interpretable intuitionistic fuzzy inference model, dubbed as IIFI.

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Drawing from classical descriptions of the order book in terms of queues and order-arrival rates (Smith et al ), we consider a diffusion model for the evolution of the best bid/ask queues. We compute the probability that the next price move is upward, conditional on the best bid/ask sizes, the hidden liquidity of the market and the correlation between changes in the bid/ask sizes. The model can be useful, among other things, to rank trading venues in terms of the “information content” of their quotes and to estimate the hidden liquidity in a market based on high-frequency data.

Binary code learning, also known as hashing technology, is well-known for fast Hamming distance computation, less storage requirement and accurate calculation results. The Hamming avellaneda & stoikov space is most enjoyed by computers because of binary/hash codes. Several studies combine multi-view clustering with binary code learning for improving clustering performance.

  • The strategy skews the probability of either buy or sell orders being filled, depending on the difference between the current inventory and the inventory_target_base_pct.
  • To fill this gap, this paper presents an interpretable intuitionistic fuzzy inference model, dubbed as IIFI.
  • Graph theory provides a great foundation to tackle the emerging problems in WANETs.
  • In order to see the time evolution of the process for larger inventory bounds.
  • For a single tick, the computation time required for the main procedures is recorded in Table 8.

If you are curious about how they are calculated, stay tuned for the article detailing what is happening behind the curtain. In that case, the original article is easy to find on a quick internet search, or you can find the original publication here. This XLM article will explain the idea behind the classic paper released by Marco Avellaneda and Sasha Stoikov in 2008 and how we implemented it in Hummingbot. On Hummingbot, you can set the value of γ by yourself or let the bot calculate in an automated way. This article will simplify what each of these formulas and values means.


The main contribution of this paper is a new integral deep LOB trading system that embraces model training, prediction, and optimization. However, because of the characteristics of imbalanced classification, we replace the categorical cross-entropy loss function with the focal loss function. It is necessary to pay https://www.beaxy.com/ more attention on the minority cases and capture the patterns of these valuable long and short signals. Then, the model trained daily or weekly can predict trading actions and the probability of each choice at every tick. The next step is to trade the securities based on the information yielded by the predictions.

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The minimum weighted connected VC problem can be defined as finding the VC of connected nodes having the minimum total weight. MWCVC is a very suitable infrastructure for energy-efficient link monitoring and virtual backbone formation. In this paper, we propose a novel metaheuristic algorithm for MWCVC construction in WANETs. Our algorithm is a population-based iterated greedy approach that is very effective against graph theoretical problems.

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This type of labeling closely reflects actual transactions and earnings. The higher the value, the more aggressive the strategy will be to reach the inventory_target_base_pct, increasing the distance between the Reservation price and the market mid price. To minimize inventory risk, prices should be skewed to favor the inventory to come back to its targeted ideal balance point. You might have noticed that I haven’t added volatility(σ) on the main factor list, even though it is part of the formula. The multi-view clustering problem has attracted considerable attention over recent years for the BTC remarkable clustering performance due to exploiting complementary information from multiple views. Most existing related research work processes data in the decimal real value space that is not the most compatible space for computers.

You will be asked the maximum and minimum spread you want hummingbot to use on the following two questions. On the other hand, using a smaller κ, you are assuming the order book has low liquidity, and you can use a more extensive spread. Adjust the settings by opening the strategy config file with a text editor.

avellaneda & stoikov

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